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If you find yourself at that point in life where you’re financially very comfortable, but you don’t have anyone to share it with at the moment, then an online solution may be just what you’re looking for. There will always be those that are surprised when they see an older man with a younger woman, but that shouldn’t concern you if that’s what you want. A younger woman can help you feel more youthful again by bringing you in touch with current trends and getting you involved with activities that will make your heart race again. If on the other hand you’re that younger woman who just doesn’t relate with men her own age because they’re too immature, or because they just don’t seem to want to settle down, why not consider dating an older man that’s financially well-off and can introduce you to the finer things in life?

If either one of the scenarios above describes you, then Sugardaddymeet is a dating site built just for you. Their whole focus is on bringing Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babies together. This site has been bringing wealthy men and younger women together since 2001 – in this time they’ve created a stylish and elegant website designed to meet each and every need of its clientele. If you’re not sure that you’re ready to jump right into the dating scene you may want to start out by visiting one of their membership forums, where you can get to know some of the other members and learn a bit about the site as well. This site stands out because it provides a range of services that cover your every dating need. If you’re at a point in your life where you’ve achieved financial and spiritual success, then you deserve to be pampered for your efforts and is a site that shares this philosophy.

What’s the Sign-Up Process?
The sign-up process for the site asks some unique questions specifically geared towards wealthy individuals, or people looking to meet up with wealthy individuals. Along with the basic questions such as your name, age, and where you live, they also asked you what your net worth is, and what type of educational background you have. These are questions that are important if you’re a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby. From a Sugar Daddy perspective while you may be interested in a younger woman, you probably still want to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation in most cases, and that’s why your Sugar Baby’s educational background is important. You can also tell a lot about a person by how they describe themselves, and that’s also one of the questions they ask you during sign-up as well. The whole process will take you no more than a couple minutes.

What’s the Bottom Line?
As you might expect is a little bit more expensive than your average dating site. A one month membership will cost you about $50 and a 6 month membership will set you back about $144. If you compare this to the average price of a membership on other dating sites the 6 month membership is probably about 25% more expensive then you’ll find on other sites. That’s not extreme when you consider the clientele that will use this site are probably in the top 10% of the population based on income.

Pros and Cons
Every dating site has some features you’ll love and others that you won’t find quite as appealing. The same is true with – although for the most part this is a great site that provides their members with an excellent service. If you look at this in terms of pros and cons you’ll see that the benefits of this site far outweigh any issues you might come across.

This site provides a place where wealthy older men can meet beautiful younger women
You can send greeting cards to a member that catches your eye
Includes both email communication as well as instant messaging chat service
Great forums that provide a low-pressure place to meet
Thousands of potential matches
Includes apps for both Android and iOS
With a gold membership you have access to priority customer care

More expensive than average dating sites

Editors Verdict
You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the best – especially if you’ve worked hard all your life to establish yourself and secure your financial position. Chances are while you were concentrating on establishing yourself you may have missed out on some things in your youth – is a great place to connect you with a younger woman who can help you experience all those youthful things you left behind, and in return you can provide them with the financial stability they’re looking for, and of course a little bit of love. Whether you’re an older man looking to meet a beautiful younger woman, or a beautiful younger woman looking to find that wealthy older man to take care of you, there is no reason you can’t have what you want and Sugar daddy meet is the place to do it.


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