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3 Struggles Only Age Gap Interracial Couples Can Understand

Anyone who has ever been in an interracial age gap relationship knows that the hardest part isn’t being in love – it’s feeling like your love is constantly in question. You and your partner know that what you have is real, despite your differences. There are three common struggles that these types of couples have to overcome in order to make their relationship last successfully.

Accepting Cultural Differences
If you are a Hispanic older man from Texas who has fallen in love with a young uppity Caucasian woman from Connecticut (for example) then you know that cultural differences are a real challenge in your relationship. In many interracial relationships the person who is the opposite ethnicity is stepping into a world where this is not that common. This can create struggles understanding different family dynamics and even what is appropriate and accepted behavior. Overcoming these cultural differences is not difficult. It largely consists of both people talking about their own upbringing, was expected of them, and how they can find a common ground to show respect when with each other’s families.

Differing Goals for Life
When you factor in an age gap with an interracial relationship suddenly you have the obstacle of having different goals in life. The best age gap relationships are typically between someone who is in their 30s or 40s with an individual who is in their 60s, 70s, or 80s. The reason why this works is because both individuals are at somewhat similar stages in their lives. Maybe they still want to get married and maybe the younger person is still pursuing their career, but they likely have moved past the idea of having children or raising a family. As their lives are more laid out it makes it easier for them to be in a successful relationship. For those couples who find that they have different ambitions or life goals, it’s necessary to determine whether or not each of your ambitions and goals can work together to create a happy relationship. In many cases this is entirely possible. Each individual will make small sacrifices to accommodate the other. However, depending on your personality, this may be an obstacle that you cannot overcome.

Enduring Constant Scrutiny
If you were to ask any interracial age gap couple what the hardest thing that they have had to overcome is they would tell you it is getting through the constant scrutiny for their relationship. As some members of society struggled to accept that this is part of their life and how they choose to live it, cruel and hateful things may be said. Unfortunately these remarks can come from complete strangers or people you know. They make you doubt your relationship and make you feel like you should choose someone different so that you don’t have to hear other people’s opinions. However, this is not what you should do. Instead you should stand as a united front with your partner and continue to love each other without limitations. As you set the example for lasting love without restrictions, those who have something negative to say will find themselves speechless.

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