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There comes a point in our lives when we’ve achieved a sense of peace within ourselves – in other words we’re comfortable in our own skin. More often than not this happens after the age of 50. It’s a time in our lives when we’ve accomplished a lot of things. We’ve experienced the trials and tribulations of life and we’ve come out the other side stronger for them. For those of us that have children they are now grown and have left the nest so we have a lot more time on her hands. It’s a time when we might want to travel and try new things, but this isn’t the same if you have to do it alone. If you find yourself in this situation because you’ve recently lost a loved one, or a long-term relationship has just ended, then can help bring you together with other people over the age of 50 looking for someone to share their golden years with. has been bringing people together since the early 2000’s. This site brings a professional, stylish, and mature approach to the dating world that will appeal to mature singles dating over 50 . Their goal is to provide you with a comfortable atmosphere in which you’ll feel right at home meeting new people to spend time with. What makes this site unique is that they encourage their members to use the site to meet up with new people whether it is for love or just companionship. With a whole host of features such as blogs and forums, there’s plenty of different ways to connect on this site. is also available as an iOS or Android app.

How Do You Sign up?
They make the sign up process as painless as possible. They ask you the standard questions such as what type of match you’re looking for, and what age group you expect them to be within. Other than that there isn’t much more to it, you will be asked your ethnicity and asked to provide a brief description of yourself and your potential match. Then you just have to provide your photo and you can get started.

What Will It Cost Me?
When you break down the costs of this site into what it will cost you per day it’s actually very reasonable. A one month membership at a cost of $29.95 is the equivalent of about a dollar per day – less than the cost of a cup of coffee. If you sign up for a six month membership it’s $95.95, which is the equivalent of about $0.53 per day – which is a reasonable price to pay for the chance of finding someone to spend the rest of your days with.

Pros and Cons
It’s always a good idea to look at any site, especially a dating site, objectively. Most people don’t expect to like everything about a service, as you can’t be everything to all people, but they do expect most of their needs to be met. A good business won’t be satisfied unless it can meet all of its customer’s needs, so while it may not be possible to please everybody all the time that doesn’t mean you can’t try. After looking at the various features and services offered by, it’s clear that this site has got a lot of things right. To help you see what we mean we’ve listed the sites pros and cons below.

This site is only available for singles over 30s
Features an excellent help and FAQ section
Simplified quick search option
Allows you to communicate directly through email
Features a senior dating ideas section
Also features a senior dating advice section

Site can seem a little cluttered at times

Editors Verdict
If you have made the decision to try an online dating service and your over the age of 50 is without a doubt one of the best options available to you. This site encourages you to use their service not just to find an intimate match, but also as a great place to find companionship. It’s up to you whether you want to turn that relationship into something more, but at the very least there’s a good chance you’ll find a great travel partner here.


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