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What a great feeling it must be to make that first million. If you find yourself in the millionaires club chances are you’ve worked very hard to get there – with long hours and very little social life. Now that you’ve achieved financial success in life perhaps you’re thinking about finding a little more time for yourself, and finding someone to spend it with. As an older man who’s experienced plenty of the ups and downs that life has to offer why not consider sharing your experienced worldview with a beautiful younger woman who’s also successful? was created way back at the beginning of the 21st century as a site where men just like you could go to find that beautiful successful younger woman – let’s face it as a successful entrepreneur you don’t have time to waste on the traditional dating scene. This type of site was created for someone like you.

As a millionaire you’re probably used to the finer things in life and the elegant design and professionalism of this site was created with that in mind. That’s why it has over 2 ½ million members and it’s been featured on recognized news sources such as CNN, ABC, CBS, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal – the authority of these organizations speaks for themselves. You’ll also find a lot of great testimonials from members who had success with this site.

How Can I Sign up?
As you might expect with a dating site catering to millionaires providing information about your income is part of the sign-up process for this site. Other than that though, most of the questions they ask are the same as and you’ll find on any other dating site. You’re asked to provide your age, your gender, and the gender of the potential match you’re looking for. The other thing you’ll want to do when you sign up is to make sure you provide a good description of yourself and the person you’d like to match up with – remember the more information you provide the easier it will be to find an appropriate match. Overall, the sign-up process is very user-friendly and will only take you a couple of minutes.

What Are the Fees Involved?
As with any premium service you’ll pay a little more than you would elsewhere. A standard one month membership will cost you $70, a three month membership will cost you $135, and a six month membership will set you back $210. There’s no doubt the costs involved with the membership on the site are probably some of the highest you’ll find on any dating site anywhere. You know what they say though – you get what you pay for. There is a reason there’s more than 2 million members on the site – it works.

Pros and Cons
This is a millionaire dating site with a lot of great features designed to make your dating experience a positive one – they do a lot of things right. The people behind the site understand that wealthy people can afford the best and they expect the best, that’s why they’ve spent a lot of time refining their service so that you get the most out of it. There are one or two things that could be improved, but for the most part this is an excellent service. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of signing up for a membership on

Includes apps in both Apple App Store and Google Play store
Features a unique luxury guide which is a series of features on elegant living
Over 2 million members
Includes different connection options including email and instant messaging
Features both blogs and forums

More expensive than most other dating sites

Editor’s Verdict
If you’re a member of the millionaires club you’ve probably worked very hard to get there and that hasn’t left you a lot of time for dating. With you can meet up with other successful people and avoid the traditional dating scene. Your time is important and this site can help you meet that special person without all the traditional games that come with the dating scene. There’s a reason this site has over 2 million members and has been featured on many major news services – that’s because it provides one of the best dating services you’ll ever come across.


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