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Do Men Consider Women in Their 40’s Relationship Material?

There was a time when people hitting middle age were out of dating and mating process. But now dating at middle age has become a trend. Probably, it has come into the picture for empty-nesters or divorced or for those who has feelings of saudade. When it comes to men, dating usually means fun or fulfilling short-term desires. The idea of dating women who are aged doesn’t really mean that men ask out women of old age for relationship but women who are older than them. There may be lot of reasons behind why men consider older women a relationship material, a relation that is usually short-termed.

Reasons why males want to date 40-something women:
1. Highly confident: Women in 40’s know themselves pretty well and this makes them confident enough to attract men. Confidence here means that she has her own life and is not needy or desperate at all. She proves to be less demanding than younger ones. So dating single women over 40 should pay attention to this.

2. Much more experienced: Men find this exciting as they seek to learn a lot from experienced women. Moreover, an experienced woman is always more mature than a young woman and has the ability to take things in a broader sense.

3. No plans to have children: By this age women are usually beyond the child-bearing phase and this relieves men because most of them don’t feel like being tied down by women who want to have families.

4. More realistic: Women at a later age are realistic as they know dating younger men is fun but that might not lead to serious commitments. Men like to be with women who are free-movers that is who are aware of the fact that the relation is not likely to last long.

5. More internally attractive: This trait of women makes the date or casual interaction much more enjoyable as this shows how open the woman is. The natural accumulation of experiences and controlled emotions over the years make them understand the world better. They are more personable and relaxed in social settings.

And there might be more probable reasons affected by personal views. However, dating endlessly is no fun for long term. It has been found that even men need a partner for a long-term relationship, a relation which has commitments. Hence, it is not always right to say that men prefer dating older women for short term. There are definitely some who would love to be with them for life.

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